Used Workstations

12 Used Haworth Premise 64" H 6'x6' Cubicles in excellent condition.  Each cubicle is set up as a 6'x9' but, can be easily converted to 6'x6'.  Cubicles include:

1- 24 x 36 corner desk top

3- 24 x 36 desk tops

1- 6/6/12 (BBF)

1-12/12 (FF) 2-drawer freestanding storage pedestal

1- 36W 2-drawer lateral file

2- 36'W Overheads with lights and power on the spine.



55 Haworth Premise Enhanced 51"H 6x6 and 6x8 cubicles in excellent condition to be re-used "AS-IS". Each station included a powered causeway on the center spine, a 24x42 height-adjustable corner worksurface, 2-24x30W freestanding returns, 1-6/12 mobile pedestal with seat cushion and 1 open shelf. 6x8's also include a 24"W personal storage cabinet.


Used Teknion Boulevard 50"H 7' x 7-1/2' Cubicles in Excellent condition! Each cubicle includes: Desk top power on the center spine, 1-30x60 Mobile table, 1-24x48W desk top, 1-24x36W desk top, 1-6/6/12 (BBF) 3-drawer Mobile storage pedestal with lock and 1-48"W Overhead with door and light. The fabric is Light Gray with Putty trim, Black desk tops and Dk Gray storage pedestals. Power is at the desk top along the center spine. Panel heights are 50"H with (1) 66"H panel to support the overhead and 54"H divider partitions between the cubicles.    $675.00/each

18 Used Steelcase Enhanced 9000 65"H 6x6 and 6x8 Cubicles in very good condition to be Re-Used AS-IS. There are (5) 6x6's and (19) 6x8's but all can be converted to 6x6. Each cubicle includes 1-70"W Overhead with doors and light, 1-6/6/12 (BBF) 3-drawer storage pedestal, 1-12/12 (FF) 2-drawer storage pedestal, 1-panel-mounted paper sorter and 1-articulating task light. Each 6x6 includes: 1-70"x45"x24"D Extended corner desk top and 1-24x24 Return desk top. Each 6x8 includes: 1-70"x45"x24"D Extended corner desk top, 1-24x24 Bridge and 1-70x24"D Desk top. Available Immediately.  $750.00/each

40 Used Herman Miller AO2 67/54/39H 6'x 7-1/2' Cubicles in Excellent condition to be Re-Used AS-IS. Cubicles are 67"H along the center spines and aisles, 54"H between the cubicles and 39"H along the windows. Each cubicle includes: 1-24x42 Corner desk top, 1-24"D x 30"W Return desk top, 1-24D x 48W desk top, 1 OR 2-6/6/12 (BBF) storage pedestal with lock and 1-48"W Overhead cabinet with light and tackboard. Power is 4-circuit along the spine via power poles. These cubicles will be available in Mid-February in Atlanta, GA.  $725.00/each

Used Haworth Premise U-Shaped 64H 8x8 Cubicles in excellent condtion to be installed AS-IS. These cubicles are Fully Loaded and can be converted into 6-1/2' x 8's and include power along the center spine via base infeed, stackable segmented panels along the aisles and some 48"H panels. Each cubicle includes; 1-24x48 Corner desk top with adjustable keyboard and mousepad, 2-24x48 return desk tops, 1-24x72 desk top, 1-12/12 (FF) supporting storage pedestal, 1-6/6/12 (BBF) Mobile storage pedestal, 1-36W 2-drawer lateral file, 2-48W Overhead cabinets with lights and 2-48W Tackboards. These cubicles are available immediately from our Atlanta warehouse. Pricing is based upon a cluster of (4) cubicles. - $775.00/each